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T.I.G Services

Are you looking for a specific Service? Learn about what Texas Insulation Group ( T.I.G)  Key turn services that are unique to each project.

Oil Field/Winterization


Texas Insulation Group is a full service mechanical insulation contractor specializing in thermal and acoustical commercial insulation projects.

Industrial Insulation/Plant Work


TIG brings decades of experience to our approach using the most advanced software programs and value engineering. We take pride on behalf of our customers bringing particular attention to detail in our bids along with creative problem solving in the field using best industry practices.

Refrigeration & Cryogenics 


With knowledge and expertise as a specialty contractor, TIG is the  best of the best when it comes to a refrigeration and cryogenic insulation packages. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality, color coded, vapor tight insulation systems.

Saffolding Support


Texas Insulation Group sits on GO ready for all of your scaffolding needs. Our teams are certified and trained in all types of scaffolding systems to ensure safety and efficiency for every job. We are an industry leading innovator of superior integrated scaffolding systems supplying the petrochemical, manufacturing, commercial construction and energy industries.

Asbestos Lead Testing


At Texas Insulation Group, we reach the benchmark for the industry to ensure that every aspect of the job is top notch and set to factory standards.



Exceeding the safety procedure and training in the industry as a way of life. To create a consistent attention to safety, we instill the importance of complete safety in every aspect of our work and lives.

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