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About Us T.I.G

TEXAS INSULATION GROUP (T.I.G) is a Mechanical/Industrial Insulation Company that provides a variety of services in the Industrial market place. We use every project to set and establish new standards of quality for our trade and the completion of every project as a benchmark for future service. TIG commitment of excellent to our chosen trade craft is unmatched in our industry. Honor, Courage, & Commitment are our core values. The TIG Team stands ready to service your needs.

Our Story

TIG started from within the Industry, with over 65 years of combined experience in the industry. Originally coming up from the field, having the opportunity learn first hand experience with large, multi-trade projects. seeing how unforeseen delays and  extreme weather can cause accelerate  schedules. so around the clock, real time service is crucial. Specializing in Industrial Insulation & Scaffolding, we soon became a multi soft-craft support company, offering Sandblasting/Coatings, Structural Fireproofing, and Lead and Asbestos testing.

Our Approach

Texas Insulation Group (T.I.G) started as an desire to bring innovative, quality mechanical insulation services across the great state of Texas. 

We have been very fortunate within our Industrial Insulation to Local Texas Universities, and Oilfields in the state. As we grow we plan to expand throughout Texas into the Rocky Mountain Region to better serve our Industrial Market.

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